ICHEC Junior Consult was created in 2011. It is an academic audit and consulting association, supported by ICHEC Brussels Management School. Throughout the years, we have been working on various interesting projects for start-ups, SME's and multinationals. Our members play a huge role in this achievement. They are motivated and ambitious but also have audacity and high-spiritedness for adding a real innovative value to projects. Besides, IJC benefits from academic and professional support. These allow our members to constantly learn, improve and excel in their tasks and therefore provide our clients with a reliable and high-quality work.


For IJC consultants, commitment is defined by the combination of quality - entrepreneurship - dynamism - and customer orientation.


It is a central value in our organisation. Quality reflects the professionalism in projects and the image for our partners and us.


We enable our members to gain insight into a business environment and take responsibilities: entrepreneurial spirit is therefore fundamental.


Our members are driven by a willingness to learn, to improve themselves and to take initiatives, giving our association a real dynamic angle.

Customer oriented

We want to build long-term and sustainable relationships with its clients. Your needs and expectations are top priority for us.


We want to enable skilled young people to live a first professional experience and develop a set of practical tools for business. Working in team, developing ones' relations and stimulating initiatives are also key aspects that we would like to foster among our members. The management team consists out of seven students, from third bachelor year to second master year. All in all, about 30 people are part of the association.


For the purpose of helping our client in the best way possible, we offer a wide range of services in four main areas: finance, strategy, marketing and international management. These four fields are part of our coursework, as well as supported and coached by our partners.



Financial analysis
Fund raising
Money management
Corporate tax



Feasability study
Implementation analysis
E-business - website
Business plan



Market & Brand analysis
Corporate image audit
Product launch
Satisfaction survey

International Management

International Management

Economic studies & Risk analysis
Foreign trade procedures
Export procedures


The project is carried out in three steps in order to provide a tailor-made solution that meets your expectations.

Your request

- Initial contact
- Outlining the analysis
- Specifications
- Selection of the team

Our work

- Achievement of your project
- Follow-up by professionals - Coaching

Your project

- Delivery of the final report
- Feedback

Our Partners

Cream specialises in setting up multi-disciplinary consultancy teams in order to deliver projects in: finance, innovation, engineering, ...
This company has an amazing growth with many career opportunities.

The purpose of PwC is to build trust in society and solve important problems. It is this focus which informs the services they provide and the decisions they make.
Demonstrating genuine leadership is more important to them than size or short term revenue growth.

The Brussels Management Challenge

The Brussels Management Challenge is an ICHEC Junior Consult project supported by ICHEC Alumni. The BMC is a two-day event where participants have to solve 3 cases developed by our partners.

The Brussels Management Challenge is a young and innovative Business Game where Management meets Technology. A business game is a case competition for students. The cases are developed directly by companies to solve specific problematics in their business. This collaboration between companies and students gives YOU the perfect opportunity to get closer to the real business world.

What is so special about our Business Game is that it is designed so that participants with a background in Management/Business work together with STEM students (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) on cases developed by our sponsors.

We are recruiting !

A number of researches have now assessed how the most efficient ways of learning pass through practical experience – learning by doing – and teaching to others – knowledge sharing.

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