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ICHEC Junior

ICHEC Junior Consult is a rapidly growing consulting firm and member of the worldwide Junior Enterprise network.

About Us


Leaving a trace on the world of consulting, with the support of our partners Arthur D. Little, Cream Consulting, MEOTEC and PwC, ICHEC Junior Consult has been awarded the Best Improvement Award in 2019, the Best Business Approach Award in 2020 and the Best Belgian Junior Enterprise in 2021 and 2023.

Since 2011 respect, integrity, solidarity and professionalism have been at the forefront of our core business : project consultancy in finance, marketing, and strategy as well as organising our signature event : The Brussels Management Challenge.

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Our values

We strive for excellence in everything we undertake.
Together we want to acquire new skills thanks to which we make our JE
grow. We are not afraid to take on responsibilities and to carry them out.
Through our proactive attitude we carry out our missions successfully and put our
flexibility at the service of our customers.
Internally and externally we behave in an irreproachable way.
This enables us to maintain a relationship of trust with our clients and to ensure the cohesion of our team.
Respect, solidarity and integrity
As students from ICHEC Brussels Management School, we also adhere to the values of this institution.

Our partners

Arthur D. Little
Arthur D. Little
Arthur D. Little's mission is to link people, technology and strategy to find original and pragmatic ways to accelerate performance, innovate through convergence and digital, and make a positive impact on the world.

As people, organisations and societies embrace change at pace, its leaders must anticipate, innovate and transform ever faster. Arthur D. Little strikes to help its clients overcome today’s most pressing challenges and seize tomorrow’s most promising opportunities.
meotec - logo
MEOTEC is an operational consulting firm that assists its clients in the management of their projects and their transformations.

Their purpose is to invent, progress and win with humanity and determination. Their source of motivation are to be found in action, based on 6 values: The culture of growth that drives them to investigate new horizons. The search for progress both within the company and with its customers. Team spirit, collective intelligence, caring and recognition. The will to undertake and to give oneself the means to transform oneself, permanently. A taste for good and beautiful things, conviviality. The commitment to succeed with dynamic and talented teams.
IJC Partner
Cream Consulting
As a dynamic multi-skilled consultancy company, they are fuelled by their desire to deliver the requested business & technological expertise and the ideal talent at the right time and place.

Because at Cream, they love what they do. All day, every day.
pwc - logo
At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

As a true people business, we want to address the major challenges shaping our country, and play our part in preparing Belgium for the next decade. This is our New Equation.

It involves all of us. We are part of a global network of firms in 156 countries with more than 295,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory and tax services.
IESEG Conseil Lille
IÉSEG CONSEIL Lille is the Junior-Enterprise of IÉSEG School of Management on the Lille campus. Located in the Lille metropolis, it carries out studies for all types of companies: large groups, SMEs, mid-sized companies,
public bodies and start-ups.

Like IÉSEG CONSEIL Paris, it benefits from the expertise of nearly 5,000 students from the best post-baccalaureate business school in France and carries out around 25 studies per year.

They trusted us

They trusted us